5 Reasons Why My Christmas Tree is Still Up

1. It was a lot of effort to put it up in the first place.

Putting up the tree takes a full Saturday afternoon. Taking it down takes another Saturday. I don’t have that many Saturdays to spend on one tree.

2. One does not simply toss all of the ornaments into a box.

I have amassed a significant collection of Star Wars Hallmark ornaments that I have received for gifts over the past 20-30 years. It takes forever to put them back into their original boxes (and THEN toss those into a tub). So this year I didn’t put up a single Hallmark ornament. The kids wanted an Elsa-themed tree. But un-decorating the tree still involves packing away dozens of breakable glass ornaments and balls, none of which seem to fit into the standard Sterilite ornament storage box.

3. If I put away the tree, it means Christmas is over.

I love Christmas. It’s magical. Why would I ever want that to end?!

4. I have more pressing things to do.

The laundry basket is overflowing. There are dirty dishes in the sink. I’m tripping on toys all over the living room and clothes in the hallway. All of these things seem more important than taking down a tree and yet I struggle to find the time and energy to even check those off the list.

5. I would rather be writing.

Yeah, I going to go ahead and prioritize blogging over taking down the tree. I suppose I could take it down tomorrow while the kids are with their grandparents.

I wonder… will they notice its absence? If so, will they be sad to see it go or happy to have their playroom back?

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