3 Fun New Changes to Fortnite

The new season started today so I bought the Battle Pass with the Vbucks I earned last season and jumped right in!

1. Everyone’s a Secret Agent. Peely is back and he’s dressing like a Kingsman. The new heist/agent theme brings a fun twist to the Fortnite map and works in your favorite secret agent references from Bond to SHIELD vs Hydra. Kids will likely relate it to The Incredibles and Pokemon. I’ve been binging Agents of Shield on Netflix this week so when I saw the new build-your-own-Maya character I immediately made her look like Quake/Skye/Daisy Johnson. It will be a while before I can lock in her look though as the only thing you can currently change is her hair, and I prefer the default long hair. Alter Egos are back as well but this time you have to pick between the black Shadow characters skins or the white Ghost skins, and once you pick it’s locked in.

2. Finally, I Can Stop Googling Objectives. I LOVE that the objectives show up on the map. Hit M, then Y and there they all are! It’s much easier to choose where to land. But more importantly, my six-year-old can actually do her own battle pass challenges now because she can just ping the map where a big number is and land there.

3. Henchmen. I’m not a fan of adding mobs to the Fortnite map but the Henchmen are proving to be more interesting than zombies or stormtroopers. Plus, jumping into a phone booth to turn into a henchman is hilarious. I’m concerned the henchmen mobs may get old quickly, but the promise of future Deadpool content gives me hope that this season has more in store for us still to come.

There are a few other fun additions this season like ducts to crawl through, boxes to hide in, and port-o-pottys that drop you down a tunnel and spit you out in another location. I enjoyed the first day of this new season and even managed a solo win. The new umbrella sets the mood with a few notes of a very Bond-like tune when you deploy it.