Book Review: Supernova by Marissa Meyer

An apt ending to a fun heroes vs villains series by Marissa Meyer, with a clever twist at the end you won’t expect!

In this conclusion to the Renegades trilogy, Nova and Adrian struggle to keep their identities a secret and Nova realizes the time is coming where she can no longer play both sides. An old enemy gathers the villains to face off against the heroes in a final stand-off with the fate of the city on the line. Who lives? Who dies? Who loses their powers? What will Nova choose?

I’m really glad I stuck with this series to the end. I recommend starting with the first book in the Renegades trilogy, don’t start with this one (duh). But if you like the first you will enjoy reading through to the end.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars because while I really enjoyed this book I did not find it hard to put down at first. It took a while to get the ball rolling; the beginning was full of reaction to what had happened in the previous book. Add a dose of introspection from Nova and it was off to a slow start. But eventually cool things happened including the big heroes vs villains face-off! The stakes are upped and it isn’t obvious what the outcomes will be.

With this novel Meyers showed she knows how to wrap up a trilogy with a neat bow and a little extra confetti on top.