Bedtime Reading: Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time – the comic

If you haven’t heard, the Wheel of Time is coming to Amazon Prime and I CANNOT WAIT! The casting looks amazing, I am following several of them on Instagram in the hopes of glimpsing previews of the show. @wotonprime just posted what looks like a sneak preview of Emond’s Field.

So when my kids wanted a story before bed I thought why not dig out the Wheel of Time comic book? It’s a bit dark but I’ll be surprised if they have any nightmares about ravens.

Still, I made sure to follow up with some My Little Ponies before turning out the lights.

(Alert: minor spoilers) The comic book is very similar to the beginning of The Eye of the World but it starts with a foreboding scene where a 9-year-old Egwene senses a raven watching her as she goes to fetch water for the boys while they do the yearly sheep-shearing. The scene is a nice addition to the story because it is relatable for a younger audience and it makes comic #1 a circular chapter as it ends with another raven watching the Emond’s Fielders. I would recommend checking this out if you enjoy comics, especially if you find the novels a bit daunting.